Ruby Falls – Natural Underground Wonder

RubyFalls-7Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Travelling through Tennessee, it’s not hard to find signs promoting Ruby Falls. Of the sights we elected to visit on our day trip to Lookout Mountain, probably my favorite visit was Ruby Falls, but Rock City was a close second. Though both are the typical tourist attractions, crowded and a bit on the expensive side, it’s no wonder why they are popular. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Quest

quest-4Panama Canal Zone.

This week, Cheri Lucas Rowlands asks us to share a quest. You can read her entire challenge post here. For me, one journey that I hoped to take led us to the Panama Canal. I don’t even know why that was an important goal for me. Continue reading

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

Chickamauga-4Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Lookout Mountain provides a commanding view of the city of Chattanooga. As you might imagine, that vantage point made it a prime location for a military installation. In November, 1863, the mountain was the site of the “Battle Above the Clouds” between Grant’s Union Army and Bragg’s Confederates. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 18 September 2016

Processed with Snapseed.

Turtle River

Arvilla, North Dakota.

This weekend Lynn and I headed north and a bit west to spend some time checking out Turtle River State Park. The park is a bit over an hour and a half from our home in Fargo, and there are quite a few hiking trails meandering through the park along with campgrounds and a lodge. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Split Second Story Revisited

Powwow-7Fargo, North Dakota.

This week for reason or reasons unknown to me, WordPress did not publish a weekly photo challenge. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to challenge myself, i decided to look through my archives of photo challenge posts and attempt to meet a previous challenge with a new image. Continue reading

Incline Railway – If You’re So Inclined

Incline Railway-2Chattanooga, Tennessee.

One of our favorite things to do at the Steiner Family Reunion is explore the area. It’s become practice to schedule our reunions for three days. This allows plenty of time for family visits and time to explore. Holding the reunion at family member’s locations around the country gives us all a chance to check out new and interesting places. Continue reading