Weekly Photo Challenge – Let There Be Light

Chihuly glass sculptures are seductively illuminated by the lighted tubes that surround them

Phoenix, AZ

One of my favorite places to visit in Phoenix is the Desert Botanical Garden. How fortunate that this week’s challenge coincided with a special visit to the garden. This week’s challenge, titled ‘Let There Be Light’. In a sentence, “IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A PHOTO THAT FEATURES A LIGHT SOURCE.”

Every year, from the day after Thanksgiving to the end of December, the Botanical Garden features Los Noches De Las Luminarias, (the nights of the lights). All of the pathways in the garden are illuminated by candles. Musicians of all variety are featured in the garden on a rotating schedule. The hugely popular celebration sells out in advance every evening.

Luminarias line the pathways in the Desert Botanical Garden

This year is especially pertinent to the photo challenge in that it features glass sculptures by the renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Throughout the garden, his lighted sculptures provide a visual treat. Chihuly’s exhibit will be open in the garden through May 11, 2014. See the exhibit at night for best effect. See the gardens during the day to best view the microenvironment of native desert plant life.

Please accept my submissions for this week’s photo challenge, two views of Los Noches De Las Luminarias. Before the holiday season is over, a blog post will feature more photography from the garden festival.

John Steiner



    • The Chihuly exhibit is featured during the Nights of the Lights (Las Noches de Las Luminarias). If you like Chihuly’s artistry, you will enjoy the large collection of lighted glass work. I think the display is best seen at night as most of the sculptures are “self-lighted”. The bad news is that the evening shows sell out early. You must get tickets days in advance. Or if you happen to be in Phoenix after the new year, the Chihuly display will be available for viewing for a couple months and prices and crowds will be smaller. 🙂

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