Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand

Buckeye, AZ

This week’s photo challenge is “Grand”. From the challenge post, “…we want you to consider not just the size of something, but also that special element… That magical quality you’re always out looking for and so excited to capture with your camera.”

I reviewed dozens of past photos looking for an image that I wanted to share that I consider “grand” in the context of this post. I finally decided to choose one of my favorite shots, a silhouette of a Chilean mesquite tree. The old tree is certainly a grand example of the desert adapted species. I took this particular shot shortly before sunset in early March while the tree was in its semi-dormant state. During the winter, this variety loses most, but not all of its leaves. My favorite feature of the image is the leaves and sky indicating a hint of color, thus showing the observer that this image is not a black and white photo.

John Steiner



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