Weekly Photo Challenge – One (When two become one)

Wailua Falls

Kauai, HI

This week’s photo challenge is “One.” From the Challenge post:

This week, we want to see photos that focus on one thing. Maybe you’ve got a stark photo of a single tree silhouetted against the setting sun, or a lone sandpiper wandering the beach as waves crash.

Since I appear to have a real problem with following the Photo Challenges exactly, I have yet again twisted the rules a bit. OK, fine, I am focusing on a single object, the waterfall. However, it’s really two falls… at least most of the time anyway. In this challenge entry, I am focusing on how the two falls become one when conditions are right. I submit for your endorsement (or not), this week’s attempt at not following the photo challenge’s instructions exactly.

Wailua Falls is a short drive and an easy stop (if you can find an open space to park in the tiny parking lot) from Lihue, the island’s major city. Most of the time, the waterfall is bifurcated, with a large outcropping dividing the flow to create dual falls, dropping in the neighborhood of 100 feet (30 meters). When the rainfall in the mountains that feeds the falls is abundant, though; the volume of water in the falls rises to the point where the two become one.

After a day-long rain in the mountains, the volume of water increases greatly

The first photo of the two was taken November 4, 2013. A few days later, a day-long rain showered the mountains above, feeding the Wailua River. Two days after the rains subsided, the volume of water in the river was still great enough to appear as a single waterfall.

This week’s trivia: Fans of the TV show, Fantasy Island, will recognize the falls featured in the opening sequence of every episode.

One last, very important point before I log off… since my first post in Journeys with Johnbo in March of 2012, my attempts at combining photography and text is at my 70th post. For those who have followed along from the beginning and those who have just started following, I thank you for reaching the milestone of 1000 “Likes” here on WordPress. To my 120+ followers, I know there are options aplenty in the blogosphere. I am honored and thankful that you have chosen to follow my attempts at creative writing and photography.

John Steiner



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