Barrett-Jackson 2014 – Beautiful Cars and More For Sale

Barrett-Jackson-6Scottsdale AZ

Since retiring, I have been spending my winters in the Phoenix area. My first winter in Arizona, honoring an invitation from friends, I found myself browsing through the hundreds of cars at the Phoenix Barrett-Jackson Auction. Since then, I haven’t missed attending the auction. I don’t have the inclination or resources to purchase any of the classic beauties I see there, but it only costs a senior $20 for a single mid-week day to wander through the building and tents and daydream. The usual choice of days for me is Wednesday as I have a collection of friends that also attend.

For their 43rd year, Barrett-Jackson featured an enlarged venue that encouraged a record crowd with over 300,000 attendees over the week-long automobile extravaganza. Nearly 1400 cars were sold generating over $113 million USD in gross sales. The top-selling car was a 1967 Corvette L88, a rare model that brought in a record $3.85 million USD. Several cars were donated and sold, the proceeds benefiting several charities. Over $4 million USD was raised for multiple local and national charitable organizations.

Anytime there is a large gathering, you can expect to find people selling all manner of wares. Please check out my gallery of some of the other items you can purchase at the auction. Click on any of the thumbnails below to view and browse the images in full size.

Many other items are also available; everything from antique gas pumps to iconic signage is available for the right price. How about a restored jukebox, slot machine or a pinball machine… those also can be purchased outright.

I didn’t come to Barrett-Jackson to look at automobilia. I came to look at automobiles. Please sample the gallery of beautiful classic vehicles. For those true classic car buffs, please be careful not to drool on your screen.

For the last featured gallery of this post, please review my collection of badges and hood ornament photos.

If you can’t wait until next January’s auction in Scottsdale, check out their schedule and pick an auction site near you; Palm Beach, FL; Reno, NV; Las Vegas, NV.


Finally, no gathering of automobiles would be complete without at least a few of these special models.

John Steiner


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