Weekly Photo Challenge – Object

A private passenger jet turning final has not yet extended the landing gear.

This week’s photo challenge requires us to focus on an object. From the challenge post, “In this week’s challenge, I’d like you to use one tangible object as both your inspiration and subject.” This challenge appeals to my interests in both aviation and automotives. Having recently focused a post on Barrett-Jackson’s annual auction, I decided my focus should be on aviation… with a twist. I submit for your sanction, my challenge entry, “Flying Object”.

I promised in the above paragraph that there would be a twist… this private jet is a radio controlled (RC) model. The photos were taken at an exhibition meeting of RC jet aircraft enthusiasts and their realistic-appearing miniature aircraft.

After landing, the jet taxies to the ramp. The flight marshal provides a reference as to the aircraft’s actual size.

The typical wingspan of most of the aircraft on display that day ranged from six to twelve feet. Unlike most RC planes, these aircraft do not have propellers for generating thrust. Instead they use miniature turbine jet engines. If you have to ask how much these folks have invested in their hobby, as they say, you cannot afford it.


John Steiner


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