Weekly Photo Challenge – Selfie

My flight instructor and I prepare to depart on a flight lesson in a powered weight-shift glider.

This week, the photo challenge encourages us to turn the camera on ourselves. Really!?!? I can think of a lot more photogenic subjects than myself. Still and all, I can’t resist the challenge. Besides, the only truly “selfies” I have are pics of me enjoying another of my hobbies, aviation. From the challenge post: “For this challenge, snap a selfie with your cameraphone or camera.” To view this week’s challenge post, click here.

I submit for your viewing pleasure; (sick sacks may be required due to the graphic nature of the subject); my attempts at aviation “selfies”.

The photo that opens this sequence doesn’t actually qualify as a “selfie” as I was not the person operating the camera. That’s me in the back as we are getting ready to depart. The next two shots are true “selfie” shots.

I am enjoying a ski-flying excursion as a back seat passenger in a ski-equipped Piper Cub.

Followers of the photo challenges may recall this selfie I took and published in the photo challenge “Window“.

John Steiner

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Selfie

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