Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

Challenge 1 – Demonstrate swordsmanship by striking targets. Having missed the first target, our hero takes aim at target 2.

Apache Junction, AZ

This week’s photo challenge asks us to tell a story in three parts. As it says in the challenge post, a story is often depicted by creating an establishing shot that shows the big picture, a medium shot that introduces our subject in greater detail, and finally a close-up shot that provides even more detail and leaves the viewer with a conclusion to the story.

Of course, that form of presentation is not the only way a photographer can tell a story. Another option is to divide the similar images into a time span. In the story I wish to relate, I have chosen to tell of the jousting tournament at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, an annual event held in February and March near Apache Junction, Arizona.

My lords and my ladies, I submit for your entertainment, the story of our intrepid knight’s performance at the jousting tournament. Our hero is astride the horse with the red and black tunic. The captions below the photos help to describe the action.

Challenge 2 – Demonstrate skill with a jousting lance. Having already captured one ring thrown into the air (visible in his right hand), our hero celebrates the capture of his second ring.

Challenge 3 – A fight to the death. Both knights have speared the other’s shield. His opponent’s shield is in mid-air hiding our hero’s helmet. The king declares a draw and the knights live to fight again.

This photo challenge is a preview of an upcoming post featuring more of what goes on at a Renaissance Festival. Arizona’s festival was a first for my wife and I. We will certainly be back for more, probably in Shakopee, Minnesota for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in late summer 2014.

To view the specifics of this week’s challenge, click here.

John Steiner


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