Arizona Renaissance Festival – 26 years of Medieval Revelry

The Blue Knight demonstrates his swordsmanship

Apache Junction, AZ

In the current photo challenge, I submitted a three-picture story about the Arizona Renaissance Festival and promised a more detailed report. To see my earlier post, click here. I submit for your merriment and frolic, my lords and ladies, a gallery of photos taken at this year’s Festival.

The royal court welcomes visitors to the Festival

The Arizona festival is one of the largest in the nation featuring a fairground with permanent structures modeled after buildings of the times. Each year during the weekends of February and March, guests can enjoy thirteen performance stages each offering several shows a day; an outdoor circus; Medieval arts and crafts; a jousting tournament that offers three performances a day; and a feast fit for royalty.

Upon entering the grounds, we were met by this priest who commented to me, “Enjoy the cleavage today… I shall hear your confession this evening.”

To view the gallery photos below in detail, click on any small photo and scroll through the images.

John Steiner


  1. Arizona Renaissance festivals provide an open gathering to all people for enjoying the renaissance costumes and everything. Such festivals also provide secret prizes like if you are at certain place at that particular time then their is a chance that you will a prize or you may get a chance to be like king/queen/knight. But I am not sure if this happens in every renaissance festival?

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