Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium – A Full Day of Family Entertainment

Litchfield Park, AZ

On the west edge of the Phoenix metro, nearly out in the countryside, drive past farm fields and agribusiness places and you will arrive at a zoo, aquarium and as of January 2014, a safari park.

According to their website, they focus on South American and African animals in the zoo. The aquarium is large, and you can enjoy watching the fish swim by while having lunch or dinner at Dillon’s Restaurant. You don’t even have to pay zoo admission if you wish to simply view the aquarium from inside the restaurant. But shell out the bucks for zoo admission. Go in the morning, the admission is not cheap, but it is good for all day. Show up early and stay late to get your money’s worth.

An albino python

My wife, Lynn, and I have made two trips to the zoo, but now we have a good reason to visit again… the grand opening of a safari park. The multimillion dollar project is spread across 15 acres. You can read about the park via their website by clicking here.

The giraffe feeding station is a popular attraction

Visitors to Phoenix often go to the Phoenix Zoo, but a trip out west to visit Wildlife World Zoo should also be on your tourist list. I submit for your viewing pleasure, a gallery of images taken during a visit to the zoo. Click on one of the images below to enlarge and then you can scroll through the slide show.

John Steiner

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