Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist (The Sequel)

Minimalist-13Technical note: In posting this challenge entry, I inadvertently overwrote and erased my original challenge post entry. I’m reposting this in it’s own standing and restoring the original post for this week’s minimalist challenge.

I almost never make two entries in the Weekly Photo Challenge, however this week’s topic lends itself to multiple interpretations that inspired me in two different directions. One of the highlights of my winters in Arizona is the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. I seldom come away from my visit with less than a hundred photographs.


Many of my photos feature a piece of the whole, a hood ornament here, a name badge there, the curve of the sheet metal that makes an interesting statement.  If you recall, this week we are challenged to share images in minimalist fashion. From the challenge post, “Find an interesting texture, color, or silhouette. Maybe there is a story that you can tell with your minimalist photo.” To view the entire challenge post, click here. I submit for your minimal enjoyment, a gallery of minimalist views of a collection of classic cars. Click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.


To view my other minimalist entry in this week’s challenge, click here.

To view more of my Barrett-Jackson photos, click here.

John Steiner






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