The Last Frontier – Alaska in Black and White


A couple of weeks ago, inspired by a recent article in Outdoor Photography magazine, I explored conversion of some of my landscape photos to black and white. You can see those photos here. This week, using mostly built-in presets in Adobe Lightroom, I made my first venture into black and white conversion using Adobe Lightroom. Prior to that exploration, my black and white experiments were a very few and limited to a basic conversion in Photoshop Elements.


Photoshop Elements has plenty of image adjustment control, but I didn’t spend much time working with them. In my recent post, and in this series, I experimented with several of the included black-and-white presets, settling on three that I preferred most often. Those three are B&W Look 5, Split Tone 4 and Sepia Tone. In addition to accepting the preset tonality, I tweaked cropping and some of the standard image controls to enhance each photo.

I submit for your colorless review a gallery of images from Alaska, most of which were taken on a train ride to White Pass Summit out of Skagway. Click on an image to enlarge it and scroll through the gallery. The comments indicate the Lightroom filter chosen for the conversion.


John Steiner

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