Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle


This week, Jen H. asks us to share our photos of twinkling light. The challenge is simple; you can read the entire challenge post here. The image above is my obvious choice, taken especially for this challenge.

This season we are thankful that after a fire in our condominium building last February, no one was hurt, and though the building required a major renovation, everyone is now home again. All residents of the nine units in the building were displaced until mid-November. Most units had only smoke damage cleanup. I submit for your holiday spirit an image taken of our Christmas tree and fireplace, all ablaze with twinkling lights. It was only this week that the fireplace damage inspection was completed and we were allowed to use our fireplace again.

We are finally moved in our unit which, due to its proximity to the fire source, had large amounts of smoke and water damage. The floor of the unit above, and therefore our ceiling was completely destroyed in the kitchen and dining areas, resulting in a complete teardown of all interior walls of our two units. Our unit, and the unit above us are not yet fully completed, but we are all happy to be back in our respective homes. If the wall above the fireplace looks barren, we miss the painting that originally hung there. Wall art and photos will have to wait until the final construction is complete.

In addition to the holiday photo, I submit for your electric stimulation, a small gallery of images featuring twinkling light. Click on any of the images to view a larger image and to scroll through the gallery.


John Steiner


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