Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow


Phoenix, Arizona

This week’s photo challenge puts us off the traditional reds, greens, blues and silvers of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. We are asked to feature images that focus on the color yellow. From the challenge post, “While we love bananas, lemons, and peppers (and you’re more than welcome to show us your yummy, fresh produce), challenge yourself to think beyond fruits and veggies.” You can view the entire challenge post here.


This was an easy challenge when it came to searching my gallery of images. I use Adobe Lightroom as my “go to” editing tool, so it was a simple matter of scrolling through the Lightroom catalog and creating a quick selection of images that were predominately yellow, or featured yellow subjects. Though my gallery includes a large number of yellow vehicle images, and even a couple of yellow submarines, for this challenge gallery, I decided to focus on living things. The opening image is an albino python that lives at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix, Arizona. This image and more from the zoo are featured in an earlier post here.


In the spring, the desert is resplendent with color, especially after an abnormally wet winter season. One of the most prominent colors in the desert spring is yellow. I submit for your approval a gallery of images featuring desert plants displaying their yellow finery. Click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.

Looking through my image library, I discovered some landscapes that contain different shades of yellow. Those images may just be a feature of a second entry in this week’s challenge, sometime during the next few days.

You can view more images of springtime flora at the Phoenix Botanical Garden here.

More images of springtime in the Sonoran Desert around Phoenix can be found here.

Even though this post avoids featuring holiday colors, I will take a moment to wish all my followers a happy holiday season.

John Steiner


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