Weekly Photo Challenge – New

1939 Pierce Arrow
1933 Pierce Arrow

Scottsdale, Arizona

What better choice could Michelle select to feature for the Weekly Photo Challenge on the second day of the New Year? From the challenge post, “Use your photo this week to show us something new-to-you for 2015.” You can view the entire challenge post here.

1929 Hudson
1929 Hudson

I love the challenges that allow me to twist the theme slightly to put my own take on the topic or images I might select. Early in January, (the 10th through the 18th to be exact,) Barrett-Jackson’s Auto Auction gets underway, a new gallery of classic vehicles for sale at auction. No, these vehicles are not new, however, the amount of love, care and sweat equity bestowed on these classic cars create a new automotive experience out of the old. I submit for your approval a small gallery of classic cars, old in years but new in appearance.

1947 Ford Sportsman Convertable
1947 Ford Sportsman Convertable

I am looking forward to attending the auction, not to buy, but just to browse and admire the handiwork of those talented artists who work their magic in chrome and steel.

To see more images of the beautiful “new” vehicles at Barrett-Jackson, see my previous post here.

John Steiner


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