But I Digress… A Phoenix Icon



Phoenix, Arizona

In the foothills of the Superstition Mountains, just east of Phoenix, is a sign built onto the side of Usery Mountain. The sign, built of large boulders, includes an arrow that is pointed westerly, in the general direction of Phoenix.

I’ve often wondered about the history of that sign. When was it constructed, by whom, and why? I have recently learned the history of the sign. It was built by an eccentric recluse who lived in the mountains in the 1950s. After hearing of the crash of the alien spacecraft at Roswell New Mexico, the then elderly gentleman became concerned that these aliens were lousy pilots.

Fearing the invasion would be widespread, like the one that hit New Jersey in the 1930s, the old man started building his sign. Wanting to be left alone on the mountain when the invasion came, he wanted to be sure the aliens knew the direction to Phoenix where there would be plenty of human specimens to kidnap and probe.


Read about who and why for real here.

John Steiner


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