Cellpic Sunday 7-12-2015


Fargo, North Dakota

Thursday was a normal day at the gym, doing my usual workout when I noticed several people were looking out the large window and chatting quietly about something. Curiosity got the better of me and I was standing right by the exit door. But it had no window. I opened the door to see a SWAT van and an emergency vehicle parked on the side street. A team in full gear approaching the front door of the house across the street immediately caught my attention. I snapped a quick photo with my cellphone camera and ducked back inside hoping no bullets from the house would hit me before I heard the sound of the gunfire.

Turns out I had no worries. A few minutes later, an officer from the team stopped by the gym and told the managers that the activity across the street was simply a training exercise.

The rules for Cellpic Sunday are simple. Photos must be taken and edited with a mobile device. Post your own Cellpic Sunday images and join in the mobile photo fun.


John Steiner

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