Cellpic Sunday – 7-26-2015


Moorhead, Minnesota

This week’s Cellpic Sunday features a photograph from the Bluestem outdoor amphitheater during the mainstage production of Mary Poppins. Mother Nature must have been on the lighting cue board as the sun illuminated the clouds and trees in the area behind the stage. Bluestem is the home of the Trollwood Performing Arts School, a summer program of the Fargo Public Schools. Open to all students in the metro area, the Trollwood program averages a summer student population of over 600. Their Main Stage production features high school students. Given professional quality theatrical gear and a stage worthy of the best professionals in the world, the student productions are always top-notch.

The rules for Cellpic Sunday are simple. The entry must be taken and edited using a mobile device. The above image was shot with a Samsung Galaxy S6, edited with Snapseed.

John Steiner

2 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 7-26-2015

  1. Hard not to make a great photo when the sky looks like that. I used an editing style in Snapseed that gave the people an almost Currier and Ives look, especially the singers on the left.

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