But I Digress – A new look


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Fargo, North Dakota

I’ve been taking advantage of the Blogging 101 class, now starting its second week. Regular followers who view the site directly (not using the WordPress Reader app) will notice a different theme. I hope you like it. When I put up the new theme, I decided to swap out my header image and replace the Grand Canyon with a shot of Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. On Sunday morning, I was up early working on the computer and I noticed what would promise to be a spectacular sunrise, one shot of which made it to my Cellpic Sunday post.

While furiously firing the shutter at the amazing sunrise to the east, Changing viewpoints, I caught the edge of a rainbow off to the west. Turning to face west, I encountered the largest and most complete rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was so large that I couldn’t fit the entire rainbow onto the sensor of my D7000, even with my 18=270 mm zoom set to wide angle.

I snapped a sequence of five images of the rainbow and used Lightroom 6’s new panoramic mode to merge the images into a single panorama. The image was captured from the parking lot by the ball diamonds at Lindenwood Park in Fargo.

The header image is much larger than the image in the reader or in the post. Click here to see the new layout with the larger rainbow image.

John Steiner





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