Cellpic Sunday – 8-16-2015


Sunset on the Missouri River

Last week, my wife and I spent several days traveling our home state. This view is from a bluff overlooking the Missouri River. In ancient times, this bluff was the site of a Mandan Native American village. Today it is a city park. On the evening this photo was captured, the park attracted a gathering of people who were there, many of whom were there for the same reason I was, to capture the sunset.

For the most part, I was capturing images for “Journeys” using my  Nikon D7000 with a new lens, the details of which I will share in an upcoming post. For Cellpic Sunday, though, as usual I am limiting myself to capturing and editing with a mobile device. In this case, it’s my Samsung S6 cellphone, image edited on the cellphone with the Snapseed application.John Steiner


4 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 8-16-2015

    • The cell phone I have has a 16 MP sensor, same as my Nikon D7000. With a decent editor, the only thing missing is the flexibility of interchangeable lenses and some advanced features. I can even simulate selective focus points on my cell phone camera.

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