Cellpic Sunday 8-30-2015

Sunset Walk

Buckeye, Arizona

As autumn approaches, we’ve been planning our trip south to Buckeye. It will still be awhile before we head to Arizona, but as Lynn and I were on our evening walk last night, I remembered some of the sunsets from last spring in Buckeye. I found one of the photos I captured on our daily stroll and opened it with the iPad app, Snapseed. A bit of cropping, some tweaking with light and dark before I started playing with Snapseed’s HDR tool. Yes, the picture is a bit “overcooked”, but there’s nothing artificial about the fiery sky. This photo was captured with my iPad in late March, 2015. This small patch of desert is undeveloped retail space. Some day in the not too distant future, I suspect it will be swallowed up by the strip mall in our neighborhood.

Cellpic Sunday’s rules are simple, the image must be taken and edited with a mobile device.

John Steiner


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