The Enchanted Highway – Visit the Sculptures and Enjoy the Scenery


Gladstone, North Dakota

If you find yourself traveling along I-94 between Bismarck and Dickinson North Dakota, you’ll probably find it hard to miss the large sculpture of called “Geese in Flight.” At exit 72, (near Gladstone), you’ll find a small parking area underneath the large sculpture. If you travel south on the highway, you will encounter a signpost with a listing of the sculptures along the way and their distance from the Interstate. About three miles down the road, you’ll come across the second sculpture. Welcome to the Enchanted Highway, a 30-mile  (48 km) highway that welcomes visitors with several sculptures along the way. The highway has some beautiful scenery in its own right. The small collection of images featured here are but a sample of the sights along this agrarian highway.


The second sculpture along the way is three miles south of the geese. “Deer Crossing”, “Geese in Flight”  and the other sculptures are all very large. Though it’s hard to tell in the above photo, if you are standing in the parking area of “Deer Crossing” and look north toward the Interstate, you can see “Geese in Flight” rising above the prairie. Remember, the sculptures are three miles apart. I will leave it to you, my readers, to take the trip yourself to view the remaining sculptures.

I was reading an article recently that the sculptor, Gary Greff, is planning to add to the collection and a Kickstarter drive successfully met his funding goal to help him create a giant spider web propped up by prairie wildflowers. If you can’t wait to find out about the remaining sculptures, click here. To read more about the sculptor’s next project, click here.


Along the Enchanted Highway, you will find views of prairie, farmland and small watersheds. The stream above winds its way near the town of Gladstone.


Two trees and a windmill interrupt the prairie near the “Deer Crossing” sculpture. The trip to view the sculptures will add about an hour’s driving time, and whatever time you spend at each parking area viewing the artwork. Happy traveling along the Enchanted Highway through my home state of North Dakota.

John Steiner


13 thoughts on “The Enchanted Highway – Visit the Sculptures and Enjoy the Scenery

    • I love the initiative of the sculptor to go out and build these structures. Only half of it is building the artwork. He has to also negotiate with the landowners for the space to place the art and build a parking area.

  1. How cool it is when art is made public… In Philly 1% of any developers budget by law is dedicated to outdoor art for public consumption. These sort of remind me of the sculpture artist who has turned all manner of stumps left behind after Katrina into gorgeous chainsaw sculpture. Happy travels!

  2. I need to get out that-a-way. I have been kicking around going to Teddy Roosevelt park next spring or summer. I should take the time to see these sculptures. Thanks for the poke, John!

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