Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

1932 Auburn 12 160A Convertible sold for $264,000 US

Scottsdale, Arizona. Each year in January, Barrett-Jackson holds a classic car auction. The automobiles offered for sale at this auction are often a labor of love. Many hours of careful attention to detail create the magnificent works of automotive art. This week’s photo challenge is “Careful”. You can read the entire challenge post here. I am later than usual in submitting my collection of photos as I am travelling, gathering more images to share with my readers. Please excuse the brevity of my submission. So, better late than never, here is my selection of carefully prepared images for your review. Click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.


John Steiner


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

  1. I want the featured car. I want to drive it and not simply look at it. So scrumptious and creamy. I’ll maybe only drive it around the manor (chuckles). I am not kidding.

  2. Great auction pics as usual! It’s so cool you have the opportunity to check out the auction every year! Although all the cars meet the requisite if exacting requirements of the fine folks @ Barret Jackson, could you imagine how hard it would be to find parts for these cars? Although I suppose most of the buyers are the look at my beautiful cars in my show room while I give it a daily wipe down with an old diaper type, as opposed to actually drivers of these old cars.

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