Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate


Scottsdale Arizona.

This week, Ben Huberman asks us to “Forget about subdued and restrained.” Instead, demonstrate the “extravagantly ornate.” You can read the entire challenge post here.

In January every year, Scottsdale, Arizona hosts several classic automobile auctions. Since wintering in Arizona, I’ve made it a point to visit Barrett-Jackson’s auction in mid-month. I have many photographs of ornately decorated classic automobiles, but for this post, I focus my gallery on the hood ornament, something that is seldom found on current production automobiles. Click on an image in the gallery to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.

Each of these examples rests proudly on the hood of a vehicle that is offered for sale to connoisseurs of fine automobiles. I am looking forward to visiting the venue again in 2016.

John Steiner


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate

  1. A look back at a by gone era… Once the nineties happened, when gang bangers and hood rats begin stealing Mercedes hood ornaments and wearing ’em as bling the hood ornament went the way of the DoDo. Your post is a reminder of a more beautiful if bygone era!

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