But I Digress – A Baker’s Dozen Photos

WMSTR 2015-8

It’s only a few more hours of 2015 as I am typing this note. I woke up last night and decided an extra blog post would be fun. The image above is from the Rollag, MN Steam Thresher’s Reunion. It’s my favorite image from 2015. All in all, for photographic content, that Rollag post has several photos that I consider some of my best. All of the photos taken that day were created by taking three digital photos at different exposure levels and using software to blend them into a single high dynamic range (HDR) image.

1932 Auburn 12 160A Convertible sold for $264,000 US

In January, it will be time for the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 1932 Auburn above is my favorite shot from my January 2015 post. You can view the other luxury automobiles I captured that day here.


Bosque without pipes-1

In 2015, Journeys with Johnbo was viewed around 15,000 times by people in 90 countries. I hope to continue to share my photos with everyone in 2016. This image is featured in a post about the Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. You can view the gallery of images here. The gallery of images below feature my favorites of 2015. Click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery. You can find a link to the post where each picture originated at the end of this post.

Thanks again for spending some of your precious time reading this drivel that I like to call a photo-travel blog. As I hold up this virtual champagne glass, I leave you with this toast: May 2016 bring peace, joy and happiness to this troubled world. Happy travels and may all your photos be award-winning.

Mazatlan – A Tour of the City by Pulmonia

Hassayampa River Preserve – Beginning a New Chapter

Cabo San Lucas – Revisited in High Dynamic Range

Fort Abercrombie – Gateway to the Dakotas

Duluth Minnesota – Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas

Theodore Roosevelt National Park – In Honor of a President

Steam Thresher Reunion – A Labor Day Tradition

Itasca 2015 – Fall Color Trip

Balboa Park – Centennial of the Panama-California Exposition

Weekly Photo Challenge – Now

John Steiner


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