Cellpic Sunday – 13 March 2016

Sundance Sunset-2Buckeye, Arizona.

Regular readers here at Journeys have probably noticed that I like to take sunset pictures. On our nightly walks, my wife, Lynn, and I like to head out a bit before sunset. If I expect the sunset to be extra special (usually denoted by lots of clouds), we either walk later or skip the walk. In either case we then head to our favorite bit of desert just north of us. On Friday, looking west out of our back yard, the sky was cloudless, starting to gain that deep yellow mustard color so we planned our usual sunset walk. The mustard sky is always beautiful, even if it is cloudless.

As it turned out, when we passed our neighborhood public golf course, looking to the east, the cloud-filled sky was reflecting the light from the cloudless west. The water hazard captured the color of the sky in its reflection. I captured several shots with my Samsung S6 cell phone and picked the best one to share with you. As usual, I downloaded it to my iPad and edited it to enhance the shadows in the clouds and bring out the reds which didn’t appear in the photo to be as vivid as they appeared visually.

The rule for Cellpic Sunday is simple. The photo must be captured and edited on a mobile device.

John Steiner


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