Weekly Photo Challenge – Half-Light

  Buckeye, Arizona.

This week, Krista shares an image taken during the time between sunset and dark. The subtle shades of fading colors in the fading light. You can read the entire challenge post here

On our evening walks, my wife and I often find ourselves walking during that magical time. The photo featured here was captured just after sunset when the clouds were still reflecting the reds and oranges as the sun’s rays were still being filtered through the upper atmosphere.

Lynn and I are traveling this week, on our way back to North Dakota for the summer. I am writing this using the WordPress iPad application. Excuse any mistakes left due to my unfamiliarity with this tool.

John Steiner


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Half-Light

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  2. That’s lovely, John. I hope you don’t mind a couple of questions. First off, do you use a tripod for these magic hour shots? This is very sharp. Second, I am interested in your use of the iPad WP app. Apparently it worked well for you. Is it a good approach to posting while on the road? Thanks for sharing.

    • Always happy to answer questions.
      I use a tripod on occasion, but for this shot and many others, I didn’t have one available. What I do is to find something, in this case, a light pole to brace the camera against, holding it as still as possible during the exposure.

      The iPad app does work well. It misses a few features that the webpage can do. For this post, that was the More icon. After finishing the post, I opened it from Google Chrome and added the More function.

      Worst part is the glass keyboard. If I were to do this regularly, I would invest in an iPad keyboard. For my occasional use, however, it works fine.

      I am typing this response on my iPad now. 😀

  3. It was pretty close to dusk so the camera had to set itself to its highest sensor sensitivity. That created a lot of noise in the image. The noise is similar to older films that had a lot of grain. This happy accident left the effect of an old-time photo. I could have used processing in Lightroom to lessen the grain effect, but thought it adds to the charm of the image.

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