3D Thursday – The Rail Runner Express

RailRunner-3D-1Santa Fe, New Mexico.

On this week’s Travel Tuesday, I featured the first of two posts focusing on Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico. Many of the city’s attractions are within walking distance of the one or the other of two rail line stops. The commuter line began service in 2006 between Albuquerque and Bernalillo. By 2008, the line extended to Santa Fe. Today the line extends over 80 miles from Los Lunas to Santa Fe, a two-hour trip.

The line has a history of financial issues, as does most commuter rail in less urban areas like New Mexico. Cost overruns and operating expenses have left some doubts as to the line’s financial viability as a a state-funded system. Commuters, however, find it an attractive alternative to driving, especially those who live in Albuquerque but work in Santa Fe.

On our trip, we were greeted by friendly staff and our one-hour ride from northern Albuquerque to Santa Fe and return was a pleasant and enjoyable diversion from the normal drive on I-25. Our trip to Santa Fe is featured in two Travel Tuesday episodes, the first of which is here.

John Steiner

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