3D Thursday – Legends of the Superstitions

Superstitions-3D-1Apache Junction, Arizona.

Standing guard above the east end of the Phoenix metro, the 3,000-foot (900 m) Superstition Mountains is a place of legends, of Jacob Walz, the Lost Dutchman Mine and incomplete treasure maps.

Even today, thousands travel every year in the search of the missing mine and the gold that legend says is waiting to be discovered. Some have found “gold” in the sale of mining gear, even in the souvenir maps purporting to lead the bearer to possible wealth and untold riches. There are many attractions in the area today. On occasion, my wife and I spend a weekend in and near the mountains, but we always stay on published trails. We leave the prospecting to others who are chasing the dream.

There is a dark side to the Superstitions. Every year there are people who seek the fortune and lose their lives in the bargain. Another legend says the mountains protect their treasure. Abandoned mines, caves and the diamondback rattlesnake are but a few of the hazards of the mountains for those foolish enough to think they might find their fortune where so many others have not.

The view of the Superstitions in the image above is my first panoramic view converted to 3D pop-out.  This view is looking east from the Apache Trail highway. The highway is one of Arizona’s iconic scenic drives, originally a stagecoach trail.   AZ 88 winds it’s 40 miles of mostly unpaved road through magnificent views of the mountains and the saguaro forests. Don’t bring your RV or motor home. You won’t like the result of this mistake. You can read about one of our weekends in the Superstitions here.

John Steiner



  1. 2 kewl an great tip bout the motorhome, park it an drive the jeep yeppurZ i agree! ….what a kewl spot it is really. for anyone whose never seen em….

  2. We’re going to be RICH! A map that might or might not lead you some where, sold in a tourist trap, hike deep into the mines, with little to no equipment. What could go wrong? Gonna walk out that mountain with cool millions. 😉

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