Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up

Balloon Cellpic-5Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This week, Nancy Thanki asks us to share an image that is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you. As a private pilot, all I need to hear is the sound of an engine and I look to the sky to see what kind of airplane it is. If I hear the loud rushing sound of an engine that powers a hot air balloon, I am especially interested in looking up as they are so quiet that if I hear it, the balloon is very close. You can view the entire challenge post here.

It is especially fun to look up and see one of the specialty shaped balloons like the Darth Vader balloon in the image above. In October 2015, I attended my first Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It was everything I thought it would be. Over 700 balloons registered, and over 500 balloons participated in the mass ascension on the morning we visited.

Balloon Cellpic-4The super-large stagecoach balloon in the image above is sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank. It was one of the larger balloons to appear at the fiesta last year. Finally, in the image below, a large flying cow lifts off. You can see in that image there are many more balloons awaiting their takeoff slot.

Balloon Fiesta-7

You can see more of the balloon fiesta if you visit my blog post written last October. You will find the post here.


John Steiner


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up

  1. I love the Darth Vader balloon. We saw it a few years ago when we saw the festival for the first time.

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  6. This looks like fun, what a trip to see all those balloons at the same time! Makes for stirring images as you just don’t see that, at least not often. Wells Fargo, whew finally I can understand the financial burden of remaining a fiscally solvent bank. Now I realize that slanging sub prime mortgages all over the world after lending to borrowers who can’t pay, is a small price to pay to enjoy a corporate sponsored stagecoach balloon. LOL

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