Cellpic Sunday – 24 July 2016

Indian River Transport-1Fargo, North Dakota.

A few days ago, on our daily walk to the local mall, we spotted this beautiful tractor-trailer rig. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic with my S7. After editing it on my iPad and uploading it to share, I decided to learn a bit about the company. Founded in 1974, the Winter Haven, Florida based company is a large transport company that focuses on food grade products. The tanker trailer in the photo is probably carrying dairy or fruit juice product.

Parked as it is, just off the I-29 ramps, I suspect it is either on its way to or from Canada as a large part of their market is import/export of product to Canada and Mexico. They have a fleet of over 700 tractors and 1,000 trailers.

About the photo:

The capture from a Samsung S7 was cropped for effect and a filter applied via my iPad’s photo editor. After completing the edit and uploading here, I noticed that the filter distorted the sky slightly in the vicinity of the rig’s dual radio antennas. I also would have preferred to crop the image to eliminate the large light pole behind the trailer on the right. That would have cut off some of the lettering on the trailer. I preferred to leave the writing intact and live with the light pole. A short session in Adobe Lightroom on my laptop would correct the distortion and make the light pole disappear, but that would violate the one rule of Cellpic Sunday. The image must be captured and edited via a mobile device.

John Steiner

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