Cellpic Sunday – 7 August 2016

Approaching Storm-1Fargo, North Dakota.

Though Montana is known for its “Big Sky Country” slogan, North Dakota is no slouch in having a large, dramatic sky. A few days ago, I had occasion to visit the Fargo Airport. Turning from the highway onto the north general aviation access road, I got a clear view of an approaching storm front. A quick snap of the cell phone camera captured only a bit of the leading edge, even though I was holding the cell phone horizontally in landscape mode. This sky could only be captured in a panoramic view. The rule for Cellpic Sunday is simple, the image must be captured and edited on a mobile device.

About the photograph: Captured on a Samsung S7 in automatic panorama mode, edited (mostly) on my iPad. OK, time to fess up… I did cheat a bit on this image. Though it was mostly edited on the iPad, when I transferred it to my laptop and cataloged the image, I couldn’t resist removing the closest light post just to the right of the road. That, my friends, was a job for Photoshop Elements 14. What was it they said? Oh yeah, that’s right… rules are made to be broken.

Panoramic photos are not the best for viewing on WordPress. I’m limited in width to only part of a web page. Flickr displays a larger image. If you’d like to see this image in a larger format, click here.



5 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 7 August 2016

  1. I looked at this pic on Flickr too. Awesome! I’ve tried the panoramic feature only a handful of times, but the results were disappointing. I should try it again.

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