Winslow Arizona – Taking It Easy at the Standin’ on the Corner Park

Winslow-11Winslow, Arizona.

After our fabulous breakfast at the La Posada Hotel, our next stop on our way back to the Interstate is a park that was obviously a former business location and empty lot. Today, visitors to Winslow can find themselves next to a statue of Jackson Browne, co-author with Glenn Frey of the Eagles’ hit song, Take It Easy. The park and statue opened in 1999 as a tribute to a verse in the song.

Well, I’m standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see.

It’s a girl, my lord, in a flat bed Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me.

In the opening photo, taken in March 2016, standing between my wife, Lynn, and Jackson Browne, I can see the girl in the flat bed Ford reflected in the window actually slowing down to take a look at me… well maybe not. I won’t  give away the secret of the park. You’ll have to visit yourself, or check Wikipedia for the story of the Standin’ on the Corner Park. The flowers and flag that adorn the statue are in memory of Glenn Frey who passed on in January. The short time we were there, a steady stream of visitors appeared, dutifully capturing selfies and photos while standing next to the statue. I was fortunate to find a moment when no one was there to feature a shot of the statue standing alone.

Winslow-12Yes, you can see by the photo below, there really is a flat bed Ford there.


John Steiner


  1. Oh man! That is awesome. Huge Eagles fan and was so sad to hear when Glenn Fry passed. My husband and I have watched the Eagles documentary about 8 times! Awesome pic! They really should have Glenn there too now. 🙂

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