Cellpic Sunday – 4 September 2016

DowntownFargoSunset-1Fargo, North Dakota.

Tuesdays, Lynn and I have conflicting gym schedules. Her class and mine are both late, and we don’t have an opportunity to have dinner together. So it’s dinner on our own one night a week. Living in South Fargo, near West Acres and a myriad of restaurants in our area, I usually head in that direction so it’s a short trip home. This week I decided to head downtown. There are lots of new eating places and a few old favorites I seldom get to sample since retiring from my position and my office in downtown Fargo.

The revitalization of the downtown area has been going on for several years with lots of renovations, old buildings converted into luxury apartments and a vital and growing presence of North Dakota State University. Heading down the street, I was amazed to see so many cars parked along the street and so many people walking in the area. The restaurants I passed with tables outside were bustling with people enjoying the late summer evening. After circling the area, I ended up finding a parking place two long blocks from my restaurant destination, Wurst Bier Hall, a German-style beer hall and restaurant. As I leave restaurant reviews to my son at potandpanhandler.com, I will suffice it to say that when he visits Fargo, Wurst is one of his best stops.

About the photo: After a much enjoyed, if served late, dinner of Chicago-style Italian Sausage and fabulous french fries, I started back to the west and my parking place. The sky, streaked and dappled with a wide variety of cloud formations, was just beginning a glorious sunset presentation. Walking by one of the newly renovated apartment buildings, the sun’s rays reflected off the glass storefronts and i walked by. The rule for Cellpic Sunday is simple. The image must be captured and edited on a mobile device. This photo was captured on my Samsung S7 and edited on my iPad.

John Steiner


2 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 4 September 2016

  1. Gentrification, revitalized downtown Fargo is a spot worth checking out! A surprising vibrant dinner & drinks spot in the plains! Thanks for the shout out, can’t wait until we hit up Wurst next time.

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