Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

A steam tractor getting its fill of water.


Rollag, Minnesota.

Does the sight of that 1960s era pickup bring back memories of the truck you used to drive? Maybe you listen to Satellite Radio to Y2Kountry for those classic country songs of a decade ago. This week, Jeff Golenski asks us to share images that bring out emotions of the past, memories of that location or event. You can read the entire challenge post here. Some years ago, late 1940s, a small group of farmers nostalgic over steam power decided to put some steam power to work. The technology, steam threshing, aided in the production of grain. By 1954 the event went public and every Labor Day weekend, the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion attracts large crowds of people watching steam tractor pulls, steam threshing, riding on a steam engine and much more. Indeed, at least once a year in Rollag, steam is again king.

The steam whistle announces the arrival of a trainload of passengers.

The steam whistle announces the arrival of a trainload of passengers.

These photos are but a small sample of the images captured in Rollag. I have a larger gallery of images from the Steam Thresher Reunion here.

John Steiner




8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

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  2. Steam power! Nothing like celebrating the inefficiencies of technology long gone. Recently the last company making vcr’s stopped making them. We still have one, time to party?

  3. My dad loved Rollag. For a number of years my dad owned a stationary steam engine at Rollag. I am sad I never saw it before he passed away in 1986. I assume it is still there.

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