Cellpic Sunday 9 October 2016

Autumn on 16th Ave SFargo, North Dakota.

On Wednesday morning, we were treated to a glorious sunrise. Though the layer of clouds would soon take over, the eastern sky was clear. Before the sun could rise high enough to be obscured by the cloud layer, the golden morning light illuminated the trees on our street. Photos of autumn color are best taken during the golden hours after sunrise and before sunset. The light enhances the colors in the leaves making them appear more golden than they really are. These trees went from green to gold in only about a week. Last Sunday, I drove around town looking fruitlessly for a nice autumn photo of our city. I drove through Lindenwood Park and through some of our old tree lined neighborhoods looking for good color, but the trees weren’t ready yet. By Wednesday, our short-lived fall colors had arrived to our street. As this is being written, a couple days of windy conditions have put many of these leaves on the ground.

About this photo: As is the rule for Cellpic Sunday, I used a Samsung S7 to capture the image and edited it later on my iPad.



3 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday 9 October 2016

  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful autumn colors. Ours haven’t reached that stage yet, and I’m hoping when it arrives (and that will be soon, we will enjoy a nice long, drawn-out autumn season.

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