Jack Daniel – Born to Make Whiskey

jdaniels-2016-9Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Our family reunion for 2016 found a home again in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The small hamlet of less than 6500 residents is home to the premier distillery that has made a home there for 150 years. In 2013, I shared a gallery of images and a travel feature here focusing on our first visit in 2007. Since then, the distillery has grown with additional grounds and capacity to store larger quantities of the sipping whiskey. The photo above was captured in the small town square adjacent to the distillery. My wife, Lynn, and I are standing next to Jack Daniel himself… er, ah, well his statue anyway. There are several of them around the area.

jdaniels-2016-8Water for the distillery is from the area and it is one of the reasons Jack Daniel settled here. The distillery sits adjacent to Mulberry Creek’s East Fork. The water used in production is from a cave spring, an area you actually visit on the tour. You can read more about Jack Daniel and the distilling process from my previous post here..

The free tour we joined is quite similar to what I remembered of the tour in 2007. On their website, they have a large collection of tours with relatively inexpensive price tags. You can find out more of the history and details about the company here. The gallery of images below were taken in mid-June 2016 during our tour. Click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.

John Steiner


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