Cellpic Sunday – 30 October 2016

cavecreek-1Cave Creek, Arizona.

It’s October and the North Dakota chill is starting to set in. Visions of desert views and warm breezes are dancing in my head. For this week’s Cellpic Sunday, I looked through my cellpic image collection and discovered a collection of images captured in March on one of the trails in the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area. You can read more about the conservation area in a post from 2015 here.

One of my favorite parks, Spur Cross Ranch is about a 45-minute drive from our home in Buckeye. We will be sure to visit there again sometime in the next few months. When this post publishes, it will be another two weeks before we head south to Buckeye. As I will be travelling on Civil Air Patrol business next weekend, I am posting this image on October 23, a week early to auto-publish on the 30th.

About the photo: This image was captured on a Samsung S6 cellphone and edited on an iPad. For the techie types, the camera was in automatic mode and it selected f/1.9, 1/2300 sec. ISO-40. The rule for Cellpic Sunday is simple. The image must be captured and edited on a mobile device.

John Steiner

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