Sedona Revisited

sedona-1Sedona, Arizona.

The red rocks of Sedona attract visitors from around the world, and the eclectic city of Sedona offers a wealth of artisans with artistic wares for sale. In late October, 2010, Lynn and I headed to Arizona for a short vacation. We’d bought our winter retirement home in Buckeye in 2009 and would spend the next few years vacationing while we fixed up our home.

sedona-4Those vacations were mostly work, but we did take time to do some exploring. That year we ventured north to Sedona, a short, 2-hour drive from Buckeye. In a little over a week, we’ll be headed south for the winter, and plan to spend some time again in Sedona. These images were captured with an inexpensive Kodak snapshot digital camera. You can read more about the original visit from my original post here.

Just for fun, I decided to reprocess the images through Adobe Lightroom, a tool I hadn’t even known about in 2010. Some of the photos I picked were originally shared in that earlier post, but several featured here have never before published. They include a few photos that needed some improvement, something I couldn’t do with my limited photo editing tools at the time. These images were captured along a hiking trail that passes through some of the iconic rock formations in the area. Click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.

John Steiner



11 thoughts on “Sedona Revisited

    • Technical photography articles are in agreement that all cameras make an internal “judgement” as to what any image should look like. This image is based upon characteristics programmed by the camera’s designers. It’s up to the photographer to meld that image into something that either reflects or enhances the view the photographer envisioned when the shutter was pressed.

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