Turtle River State Park – Sunrise in the Park

turtleriversunrise-3Arvilla, North Dakota.

A short few weeks ago, I posted a gallery of photos from the Turtle River State Park, just 20 miles or so west of Grand Forks, North Dakota. You can review that gallery here. This trip was an overnighter as we wanted to catch both a sunrise and sunset in the park. As it turned out, the evening was cloudy, so no sunset pics graced that gallery. However, the next morning we were up early and did capture some sunrise images to share with you. The sunrise was short lived as clouds moved in quickly. No matter, we spent some time hiking and I’ve put together a dozen photos to share, some featuring the sunrise, some featuring sights along our hike.

turtleriversunrise-6As with many of the plains state parks, there is lots of prairie grassland punctuated by a few rolling hills and a small forest of trees, especially along the river banks. The opening photo demonstrates the grassland and rolling hills, while the photo above should give the viewer clear indication that we are approaching the river.

turtleriversunrise-7These photos were taken in mid-September. The leaves were just starting to turn, so the unmistakable tone of these images is that of a prairie autumn. If you are interested in learning more about the park, check out my previous post (linked above) and check their website. The gallery of images below features photos of our morning in the park. Click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.

John Steiner



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