Monochrome Monday – Alaska’s Glacier Bay

glacier-bay-1Glacier Bay, Alaska.

I was scrolling through my library looking for a photo for a project, and in the process I was scanning through all the images I captured in Glacier bay. It was a completely overcast day with very low cloud ceilings. I spotted the image above, in full color, unprocessed from my camera’s RAW image format. Something about it told me i should try converting it to monochrome. Before the conversion, the cloud layer on top was not well defined, and it was difficult to tell how truly low the clouds were that day.

In the black-and-white conversion, the shadows and light areas in the clouds became more well defined and the line between the clear air and the cloud layer became much more sharply defined. The glacier in the distance slopes into the water and the relatively still water provides an interesting reflection. I used NIK Silver Efex 2 to process this image into monochrome.

John Steiner


  1. i could go into looking at pictures for awhile and get nothing done, but i am glad i stopped by once again, great b/w I find even my cheapo phone when i set it to that it makes a tremendous difference.

    • I hear you about getting wrapped up in looking at pictures. As I review all of the bloggers I follow, it’s hard to get away to keep up my own blogging schedule and my other daily activities. Cellphone cameras these days are pretty spectacular. It’s no wonder the mainline camera companies are scaling back on production of “point and shoot” cameras. Cellphone cameras can do some amazing things, and you’re already carrying it. Nothing extra to lug around. Welcome, grab a cup of coffee, spend a little free time exploring. Thanks for writing.

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