Cellpic Sunday – 23 April 2017

Washington, D.C.

In early March, I made the annual trip to Washington D.C. to the National Winter Conference for Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Part of that trip’s purpose is for every state’s CAP wing to visit with our Senators and Representatives to brief them on our previous year’s activities in their state. Unlike the larger states that have many more Congressional Representatives, North Dakota Wing CAP only has three people to visit, our two Senators and one Representative. That gave us some extra time on the Hill so Senator Heide Heitkamp’s (North Dakota) staff arranged a tour for us of the U.S. Capitol Building. My Vice Commander and I were accompanied on the tour by a couple from North Dakota who also happened to be visiting the Capitol that day. One of Senator Heitkamp’s interns gave us a personal descriptive escort.

About the photo: Captured with my Samsung S7 Cellphone, this image of the Capitol Dome’s Rotunda is a close-up view of the painting on the ceiling. Captured at f/1.7 at 1/115 Sec., ISO 50; this image was cropped to make it easier to view details of the photo. The rule for Cellpic Sunday is simple: The image must be captured with a mobile device.

Bonus photos: I thought I’d also share this small gallery, an uncropped view of the Rotunda dome for perspective, and an image captured by a Heitkamp staff photographer of Lt. Col. Ken Schuler, CAP, the North Dakota Wing Vice-Commander (right front) and myself briefing Senator Heitkamp.

John Steiner


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