Weekly Photo Challenge – Danger!

Lake Gatun, Panama.

On my bucket list for some time, I finally completed a cruise through the Panama Canal. Who would have guessed there might be an element of danger? While traveling through one of the lakes that make up part of the canal system, a barge pushing another barge caught my attention. I didn’t need a lesson in Spanish to understand the sign, or why the red building was on its own barge as far as possible away from the barge wheelhouse.

This week, Michelle W. asks us to share a photo that implies Danger! Per Michelle’s instructions, I will include italics and exclamation points! You can read the entire challenge post here.

Here’s a cropped closeup of the dangerous barge. Happy sailing!

John Steiner


  1. Danger! Sounds like a Johnny Danger situation… You should change your name to Johnny Danger. That name sells photos… LOL I remember seeing this pic before, which it turns out is sort of fortuitous because our comp has eluded the dreaded back ups & is now running so slowly pics won’t load… D’oh!

    Max Power – oh yeah, I changed my name too. I was jealous of Johnny Danger, so now I’m Max Power. LOL 🙂

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