Cellpic Sunday – 11 June 2017

Fargo, North Dakota.

Last evening, on a beautiful Saturday, Lynn and I went downtown to walk around the newly revitalized city center. Fargo has done a fabulous job in re-imagining our downtown and a walk down Broadway is all you need to see the results of their work. At one point, some years ago, much of downtown Broadway was an outdoor walking mall with only non-motorized traffic allowed. That’s all gone now, and the street is full to the brim pretty much every evening with diagonally parked cars. There are many new businesses of all kinds, and a wide selection of restaurant and bar choices. In the North Dakota summer, there are plenty of eating places that feature outdoor seating.

Fortunately, however, one great place to eat in Fargo hasn’t changed. The first pizza restaurant in Fargo opened in 1956 on the corner of Broadway and 3rd Avenue North. In 1979, when the business was sold, it became Sammy’s Pizza, named after a Hibbing, Minnesota pizza maker who’s recipe is still being used. Having recently moved to Fargo in 1978, I’ve only known the restaurant as Sammy’s Pizza. When we go there, we order their House Special. If you are near downtown Fargo and looking for a great pizza, you won’t find one better than they make at Sammy’s. You can read more about Sammy’s Pizza here, my resource for this short bio.

About the photo:  Standing guard at the corner of Broadway and 3rd Avenue North, a bison, one of many created for an art project in 2005-6 and scattered around the city, this big fellow looks longingly across the street, no doubt wishing he could enjoy a Sammy’s Pizza. The image was captured with my Samsung S7 at f/1.7; 1/500 sec. ISO-50.

John Steiner

One thought on “Cellpic Sunday – 11 June 2017

  1. Yum! Can’t wait until next time we get the opportunity for a tasty Sammy’s pie! I once read negative review of a Sammy’s pie, they complained it was too salty. HahahHA! It struck me as hilarious because the pie they ordered/reviewed was a pepperoni, sausage & not to be outdone ham… Duh it was salty. You can put pepperoni, sausage & ham on a rice cake & it will be too salty. Downtown has come a long, long way since the 70’s & early 80’s!

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