Cellpic Sunday – 18 June 2017


Valley City, North Dakota.

This week, I happened to be on a Civil Air Patrol flight and our route of flight was over the city of Valley City. Coincidentally, this week’s Travel Tuesday here, features the many bridges of Valley City as they cross the Sheyenne River on its southward trek through town. The largest bridge in the city, High Line Bridge, is an obvious feature at the north end of the city. Being a passenger on this flight, I had plenty of time to grab my cellphone camera and take a few pictures as we flew by. I cropped the image in Lightroom to make the bridge a bit easier to see from our altitude of about 5000 feet (1524 m) above the ground. From above, it’s much easier to view the entire span of this magnificent structure. Click on the image above and , if your medium supports it, you’ll get a higher resolution view.

About the photo: Captured on my Samsung S7 Cellphone at 1/300 sec. f/1.7, ISO-50; the image was cropped and converted to a panorama to make it easier to see the bridge in the lower third of the image. Because I converted the image into a panorama, I exported to a higher resolution than normal so that the detail is easier to see, if your viewer supports image enlargement.

John Steiner


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