Cellpic Sunday – 25 June 2017

Mandan, North Dakota.

Lately, I’ve been to the Mandan (ND) Airport several times for various reasons in connection with my volunteer service for Civil Air Patrol. Recently, after landing, we pulled up to Hangar 42 and parked. Unlike fueling your car, aircraft aren’t always ‘filled to full tanks’ for each flight. Fuel needs are determined by educated estimates of fuel flow for the aircraft in gallons or pounds of fuel per hour. Then enough fuel for at least an hour’s reserve is added. Carrying more fuel than necessary decreases performance and limits our passenger and equipment capacity. After we determined our fuel load for the next flight, the fuel truck operator from Clear Skies Aviation drove up and readied his gear to refuel our tanks. In the process, he commented that the aircraft, a Piper Cub, in the hangar would make a great photo. I’m glad he mentioned it. I like the photo’s symmetry. That guy has a good eye for composition.

About the photo: Captured on my Samsung S7 at 1/2200; f/1.7; ISO-50 and cropped slightly. If your browser supports it, click or touch the image to enlarge it for a better view.

John Steiner

2 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 25 June 2017

  1. Cool ‘lil plane! We were watching some show the other day about the super rich in the eighties Forbes & such…. (A dude so rich he threw a party in Mor-freakin-rocco???) Anyway one lady mentioned the etiquette of private jets… Only #1, never #2, I guess if you’re that rich you can afford to bribe the bowels. LOL

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