Cellpic Sunday – 2 July 2017

Georgetown, Colorado.

Last week, we visited a small town in Colorado that is the home of the Georgetown Loop Railroad, a narrow gauge steam railroad that provides excursions into the Colorado Rockies and makes a stopover at a mining exhibit. In a short while, I’ll be publishing a Travel Tuesday that features our ride on that train. In the meantime, this image is a teaser for that post.

About the photo: This image was captured from the waiting area as we awaited the arrival of the steam train. It would first appear at the upper right along the tressle bridge, then come around a short loop and end up on the tracks at the right side of the stream.

John Steiner

3 thoughts on “Cellpic Sunday – 2 July 2017

    • Thank you, my friend. Since my stint as CAP Wing Commander started, I’ve had to curtail my travels. This week, I had a good excuse to visit a bunch of new places as I made time to make it to our family reunion. See you soon on your site.

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