Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage

Fargo, North Dakota.

We are home in Fargo this week, getting rested up from our 3200 mile road trip. For the photo challenge this week, Michelle Weber suggested that our focus could be a group of objects, captured either in real life or a collection of photos, a photo of photos as it were. You can read the entire challenge post here.

Her hint to create a collage by using the WordPress Gallery function made the concept of putting together a collection of related photos easy. My only problem is what to feature in the gallery. I’ve got hundreds of photos that could be put together into a collage. But what of the subject? Classic cars? Desert flora? Sunsets? Seascapes? I’ve got plenty of options, and in the end, I chose to feature examples of some of my favorite floral closeups. This post is the first time in the Journey where my opening image is a gallery. As with all galleries, if your browser supports it, you can click on an image to enlarge it and to scroll through the gallery.

John Steiner


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage

  1. What a flowery post! Good choice with the flower gallery… Makes me wish it was spring again, now here the average temp is in the mid nineties, eew. Can’t wait for fall.

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