Cattle Drive – A Memory of Oklahoma Ranching

McAlester, Oklahoma.

A few Sundays ago, I posted a single cell photo of a composite sculpture called “Cattle Drive”. Located at the junction of highways U.S. 69 and U.S. 270, a small herd of cattle, two cowhands on horseback and a blue heeler appear to be moving along the hillside, assumedly going to market. The sculpture was created by Pendleton, Oregon’s Michael Booth, commissioned by Gary and Ruyana Fugitt of McAlester in honor of Ruyana’s father who spent his life ranching. You can read more about the sculpture and its history here.

In that post, I promised a closer look at the sculpture in a gallery of images. In the photo above, a blue heeler and steer face off. I submit for your review, a small gallery of cellphone images captured on my Samsung S7. Click on one of the images. If your browser supports it, the image will be enlarged, and you can scroll through the collection in a higher quality format.

John Steiner

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