But I Digress – Social Media

Fargo, North Dakota.

On this Monochrome Monday, I thought I would share my social media connections with you. Each week I feature a different theme and once a day I post an image to my social media accounts. Most are images from my gallery, not all of them were published here on Journeys with Johnbo. This week’s theme is #SteamIsKing and features both fixed and mobile steam engines captured on my travels. The image above is a fixed steam engine captured at Rollag Minnesota during the annual Labor Day weekend Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion. As you can see by the image, it is a working engine, operational during the exhibition.

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John Steiner

5 thoughts on “But I Digress – Social Media

    • I’d forgotten the definition and had to look it up. Twain is a reference to the number 2 for river depth. Mark Twain is two fathoms (12 feet) a safe depth for a steam boat, according to Google.

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